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    "napisz rozprawke na temat "chirugia plastyczna - potrzeba czy próżność""

    People always want to look beautiful and they would do everything to improve their appearance. Nowadays they take advantage of plastic surgery. But is it really important need or maybe it is simply vanity? In my essay I will try to explain my opinion about this theme.

    From a scientific standpoint, plastic surgery can be very useful because in different emergencies people experienced heavy injuries. They can be burn or have varying skin damages. In this case reconstructive operation may save their life and make that they will be normally live and function in society. So it can be even blessing for someone.

    From a social viewpoint, those who use it to improve their outlook are perceived as vain people. They are thought that they have nothing to show and offer expect their presentation. Everyone, want to surround beautiful people but none of us like affectation. Probably those who submit to this medical procedures cannot come to terms with time and with thought that they are getting older and they cannot turn back the time.

    All that proves that although for many people plastic surgery is necessary, the number of those who would do if from vanity is steady growing. But we must remember not to judge book by its cover and never to assess people by their appearance. The most important thing is what they have in head.
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